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Interested in becoming a distributor but asking yourself, “Why Would Anyone Want to Sell Advertising in Restaurants?”

It’s very simple, really. Because that’s where the advertisers want to be!

In order for small business advertising to be effective, it needs to meet three criteria. It needs to be:

  1. Constant – This means non-stop, never ending, no gaps. (Our boards are on display for at least two years)
  2. Repetitive – Same message, over-and-over.
  3. Local – People tend to do business with companies near their home & work.

Our message boards meet all three of these criteria!!



Still curious about how our advertising space works?



  • Ads are typically 5″ tall x 8″ wide and absolutely blow the advertisers away! (Think of them as half-page magazine ads.)
  • Advertisers are used to buying small business card-size ads and when they see these they are very impressed.
  • Ads on our boards typically sell for around $400 for 2 years. ($399 is our most common price point)
  • Your profit on a board will average around 70% to 80%!, which means that on a board with six ads that grosses $2,400 in sales, your take-home profit is $1,750!
  • And don’t forget…we take care of all the grunt work so you can concentrate on sales.



As a reminder, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Teach you how to let the restaurant owner tell you who the will buy the ad space on their board
  • Design the ads & layout of the board.
  • Send proofs to all your advertisers & the restaurant.
  • Make any changes & corrections.
  • Manufacture & ship the board directly to your restaurant, or to you if you prefer.

Intrigued?! Wondering what’s next? Want to become a distributor?

Our distributors are issued a distributor agreement and a protected territory. There is a one-time distributor fee of $499.

We’ll send you a complete distributor kit which includes:

  • Actual size sample board for demonstration purposes.
  • Advertiser agreements.
  • Restaurant agreements.
  • Professionally printed presentation book in a leather binder. (including over 70 of ads we’ve done for actual advertisers.)
  • Complete training & success guide including scripts, top business categories for advertisers, getting referrals, writing ads, submitting projects, etc.
  • Full-time support, mentoring, and access by phone, text, and email.

Dist Pkg sm

To borrow from a cliche, we provide a “business in a box.” You’ll get everything you need to get started in your own local, unique, and lucrative advertising business, and the potential to earn up to 80% profit (and more) from day one.

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Still have questions? Give us a call. Send us a text message. We’re here to help however we can. Let us help you get started!

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